Press release: New chances for CRASH air war and resistance museum ’40-‘45

After it has become commonly known that CRASH has to leave the fort at Aalsmeer, we received many reactions. Both from individuals and from organizations and regional politicians. This greatly supports the CRASH volunteers. The reactions we have received not only originate in the Netherlands but also surviving relatives of crew members from America and the UK and from the Royal Air Forces Association in their reactions confirm the great importance to retain and support CRASH in finding adequate housing. The fort still appears to be the all-favorite location.
However, the Municipal Executives of Haarlemmermeer county maintains its decision that the fort at Aalsmeer needs to be emptied by CRASH in 2019. The plan is to restore the fort and find a party to exploit the fort commercially.
The publicity surrounding the departure of the CRASH air war and resistance museum ’40-’45 has also created opportunities. For example, a number of options within the region have come up that could potentially accommodate CRASH apart from the firstly intended location in Nieuw-Vennep. One of them is still the Boogaard Farm on the Rijnlanderweg in Nieuw-Vennep. The new owner of the farm has suggested an investigation into the possibilities to create a completely new facility for CRASH. The Discussions and negotiations on this subject have started recently and will continue until the end of September, after which decisions will be made. The Boogaard Farm, the resistance and hiding stronghold in the polder, was once, 15 years ago, identified as a worthy location by CRASH. The farm has a huge historical value for the Haarlemmermeer and is therefore a wonderful place to establish a new CRASH air war and resistance museum ’40-’45. For CRASH this appears to be the best alternative after a mandatory move from the fort.
CRASH remains active even during the possible dismantling of the museum in the fort. Our “Spitfire Hall” on the fort site will remain open and we will install a temporary small version of the CRASH air war and resistance museum ’40-’45 there. More information about this will follow and you can consult our website where the information is kept up to date on a daily basis. Also on our Facebook page and Instagram.