Poem in support of the museum

This poem in support of the museum by Jack de Moor has been translated into english to the best of our abilities.

CRASH 40-45

In one of the forts in Haarlemmermeer
the memory becomes tangible,
the story of the war is told time after time,
visited by many who are always touched.

Volunteers commit themselves with heart and soul,
for years without any gain,
very professional, that is their goal.
They do everything for it, nothing is too much for them.

This war museum is a jewel,
housed in an ideal place, unique
on the Geniedijk, completely traditional
in a fortress, as an act of resistance, classic.

What is the current tragedy?
The museum has to leave the fort.
Like a racehorse left to die,
discarded, puked and collapsed.

But what is a war museum without a fort?
That is something long without being short,
like eating without a plate,
like oats without barley.

This can not really happen.
The resistance has started.
There is no time to mourn.
We do not let ourselves be overrun.

Jack de Moor, July 18, 2018.

Many thanks to Jack for this contribution