lecture between heaven and earth

Lecture Between Heaven and Earth

Aalsmeerderbrug. Saturday, April 14, 2018. The CRASH Air War and Resistance Museum ’40 -’45 has the scoop of the lecture ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ about a day in the life of an American bomber crew in the Second World War.

The lecture (in the Dutch language) is held by Erwin de Mooij. He talks about the day on a bombing mission. It starts in the early morning hours when the crew is awakened and ends in full equipment. From underwear to flight gear; the complete equipment. An explanation will be given about the clothes that shown, and the lecture will also be held about other objects.

During the lecture ‘Between heaven and earth’ you will be taken to England in September 1944. You will envisage being navigator Lt. Donald Parker of the 457th Bomb Group and will be taken to the morning of a mission to Germany. By using original clothing and objects, photographs and stories you will be led through the daily life on the base and the deadly dangers that thousands of young men of the United States Army Air Force had to defy at 10,000 meters

The lecture starts at 2 pm until approximately 3 pm.

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