CRASH Museum Introduction

This page shows a preview of The CRASH Air War and Resistance Museum ’40 -’45. The museum can be found in the vicinity of  Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Click HERE for an impression of the museum.

CRASH Air War and Resistance Museum '40 -'45

During the Second World War, several dozen Allied, German and Dutch planes crashed in and around the Haarlemmermeer. The history of these crashes is housed in this special museum, located In Aalsmeerderbrug in a fortress of the Defense Line of Amsterdam.
The museum contains a unique collection of objects and documentation about the Second World War, especially about the air war over the Netherlands and about the resistance. There are a number of s to view.
In addition to our permanent exhibition we have temporary exhibitions on varied subjects. 
The Crash Research foundation in Aviation Society Holland 1940-1945 (CRASH ’40-’45) manages the museum where the result of over 25 years of research into the air war above ‘De Haarlemmermeer’ and the surrounding areas is highlighted.